Out Gay Aussie Actor Tim Draxl To Star In SBS’ Erotic Stories

Out Gay Aussie Actor Tim Draxl To Star In SBS’ Erotic Stories

Australian Actor Tim Draxl is set to star in an episode of the new SBS anthology series, Erotic Stories, airing later this month.

The episode, titled Bound, explores the world of a young Queer man being fetishised for his disability.

‘Eroticism, Like Beauty, Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’

According to SBS, in Bound, Draxl “stars as Jet, who has an encounter with the much younger CJ (Joel Lago). Both used to being seen as outsiders, they connect when riding the train. Their attraction is visceral, but Jet insists they hold off until CJ comes to a queer event that night at Spectrum Club.”

In a statement, Draxl explained Bound, saying, “Eroticism, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and the eroticism in Bound deals with something that is quite taboo and probably carries a lot of stigma around it. I love that this show is bringing that out into the open and making it a discussion.”

Eight Self-Contained Episodes

Erotic Stories consists of eight self-contained episodes that deeply explore sex and intimacy.

“The eight stories are set in completely different worlds, each with a fresh cast, and each telling a new story. It’s a chance for the audiences to watch a sexy story in a snackable way – and I think once they snack one, they’ll want to snack the rest!” said Erotic Stories Series Producer Helen Bowden.

Speaking about the series, Head of Scripted at SBS Julie Eckersley, “I don’t think I have ever made a show there has been so much anticipation about. 

“Erotic Stories is everything that the title promises and delivers on the delightfully cheeky claim we made to audiences of ‘bringing sexy back’ to SBS. It takes you into new worlds and points of view, as all the best dramas do and is going to have audiences glued to their screens.”

Starred In Musical Drama, In Our Blood

In March, Draxl starred in In Our Blood, the four-part musical drama which aired on ABC.

In Our Blood traces the Australian government’s response to the burgeoning AIDS crisis in the 1980s.

For his performance, he was awarded a TV Week Logie Award Nomination for Most Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.

 He has also starred onstage in various theatre productions, including Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill.

Erotic Stories premieres on October 26, with all episodes available to stream on SBS On Demand.

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