Boiling Point viewers make same complaint about BBC’s new Stephen Graham drama

Boiling Point viewers make same complaint about BBC’s new Stephen Graham drama

BBC One’s hotly-anticipated new drama, Boiling Point, premiered on Sunday night and while most viewers were glued to the screen, others were left a little distracted by one element of the show’s debut. 

The four-part series is a continuation of a critically acclaimed film of the same name, which was released back in 2021. The workplace thriller picks up eight months after the events of the film, which ended in a shocking place as Stephen Graham’s head chef Andy Jones suffered a heart attack.

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The new episodes focus on former sous chef Carly, Vinette Robinson, as she heads up the team at her new northern England-inspired restaurant.

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Stephen Graham reprises his role as Andy in BBC’s Boiling Point

While the opening episode went down a storm with most viewers, some couldn’t help but notice sound issues and took to Twitter, now X, to complain. 

One person wrote: “What happened to the sound on #BoilingPoint, ruined it for me!” while another added: “Trying to watch #Boilingpoint but can’t catch half of the dialogue!! Is it just me? Sound is awful. Giving it up.” 

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A third viewer tweeted: “What a shame the #BoilingPoint sound mix is so terrible! Background has been mixed way too loud and is obscuring the dialogue.”

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Vinette Robinson stars as Carly

Other viewers, however, took to social media to praise the gripping first episode. “First episode of #BoilingPoint absolutely brilliant, although my blood pressure is well and truly up, unbelievably tense!” wrote one person, adding: “Give @HannahWalters74 and @_vinette all the awards already! Outstanding work @PhilipBarantini.”

A second viewer tweeted: “Absolutely LOVED that. It’s everything that was brilliant about the film, but it’s also made great use of the TV format to expand the world. Unbelievable performances all round, and loved the ode to the ”one-shot’ in the first 10 mins.”

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After binge-watching the entire series, another fan added: “Absolutely brilliant series, #BoilingPoint definitely delivers. @StephenGraham73 & everyone involved absolutely smashed it. 10/10, I really hope we get a Season 2.”

What is Boiling Point about? 

For those unfamiliar with the series, here’s the full synopsis: “Eight months after her mentor Andy Jones (Stephen Graham) suffered a heart attack, head chef Carly (Vinette Robinson) is battling to forge a name for new Dalston restaurant Point North alongside her old kitchen crew. 

“We follow the team as the stresses of keeping the restaurant running bear down on them amidst a hospitality industry in crisis. With the pressure to draw in new, hungry customers and the financial squeeze to keep the business profitable, the team must find a way to manage their complicated personal lives whilst creating quality food day in, day out.”

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Hannah Walters reprises her role as Emily

Who stars in Boiling Point? 

Stephen Graham returns as Andy, but this time takes a more backseat role as his character recovers from his heart attack.

Other cast members reprising their roles from the film include Vinette Robinson as Carly, Hannah Walters as Emily Ray Panthaki as Freeman and Gary Lamont as Dean. 

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Izuka Hoyle plays Camille

Áine Rose Daly also returns as Robyn, alongside Taz Skylar as Billy, Daniel Larkai as Jake, Stephen McMillan as Jamie, Hannah Traylen as Holly and Izuka Hoyle as Camille.

The are also some new additions to the cast, including Stephen Odubola as Johnny, Shaun Fagan as Bolton, Joel MacCormack as Liam and Ahmed Malek as Musa.

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