Eaves Wilder’s ‘Freefall’ Is A Dreamy Aural Journey

Eaves Wilder’s ‘Freefall’ Is A Dreamy Aural Journey

It’s about learning to let go…

26 · 09 · 2023

London songwriter Eaves Wilder has shared new single ‘Freefall’.

The rising artist caused a huge buzz with her early bedroom demos, before inking a deal with Secretly Canadian. In fact, Eaves Wilder waited until she turned 18 years old until signing – as she thought it would be naff for her mum to sign on her behalf.

Breakout EP ‘Hookey’ was a storming success, before illness and an unexpected line-up re-shuffled pushed Eaves Wilder on to Glastonbury’s colossal Other Stage.

New single ‘Freefall’ is out now, a moment of release and abandon from Eaves. Sonically, she dips into the shoegaze playbook, her use of guitar medals augmenting the song’s central melody, allowing her to build outwards.

A catchy indie pop song, ‘Freefall’ has a quiet sense of urgency to it. She comments…

“Freefall is about pure hedonism, about wanting to feel everything and do everything at once. I wrote it the moment I realised I was ready to move on and allow myself to let go again.”

Catch Eaves Wilder live at Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club at Colours, London on October 17th.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker

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Author: Robin Murray

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