NRG Leaving Apex – Team Drops Out of Esports for Battle Royale

NRG Leaving Apex – Team Drops Out of Esports for Battle Royale

In the last month, we’ve seen the competitive Apex calendar conclude its season with the ALGS. Always a high moment for the game, we saw another champion crowned out of the qualifying squads. However, there’s another team who won’t be coming back next year. In the days since the ALGS concluded, we’ve learned that NRG is leaving Apex Legends for good.

NRG are an esports team that first got involved with Apex in 2019. They had some early successes in the game, winning ALGS events and making their way through to the top flight of the game. Most recently their achievements haven’t been coming as thick and fast though. Despite some early success like 9th at the 2022 ALGS and 2nd at the 2023 Split 1 playoffs, the team will be stepping back with NRG leaving Apex.

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More recently, NRG’s performance has been a bit weaker. They most recently competed in the 2023 ALGS Championship. They ended up finishing in 15th place, still securing a decent $24,000 prize. However, with NRG leaving Apex Legends this will be their final shot at the ALGS.

NRG Leaving Apex Legends

Despite some initial success, the team will be stepping away from the Battle Royale this year. The team isn’t blaming their lack of wins though, instead, they’re laying the blame right on EA. The team has made the decision to drop its players and leave the game fully. They’ve cited EA specifically in their decision. Saying, “We feel EA/Repsawn have not done enough to support orgs”. This might be a common opinion at the moment.

NRG leaving Apex comes after Clou9, G2, and even Team Liquid have all left the game. While Apex Legends esports has plenty of fans, the way EA is handling things seems to be causing some problems. Hopefully, we’ll see some improvements in the coming year before more teams leave Apex Legends.

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