OpenAI will make it easier for developers to integrate ChatGPT into apps

OpenAI will make it easier for developers to integrate ChatGPT into apps

The AI-powered speech-to-text model, Whisper, will available for use through an API

Mar 2, 202312:02 PM EST

OpenAI is releasing a new API that will let third-party apps and software developers integrate ChatGPT tools to their services.

According to a new blog post from the company, via The Verge, the integration will be significantly cheaper than using its existing language models.

OpenAI is making its AI-powered speech-to-text model, Whisper, available for use through an API.

The new ChatGPT API can be used for more than just creating AI-powered chat interfaces, like Snapchat’s new My AI feature and Quizlet for vocabulary learning and practice tests.

The new model OpenAI is releasing today is called ‘gpt-3.5-turbo,’ and it is said to be the best model for non-chat use cases. OpenAI is offering 1,000 tokens for $0.002, “which is 10x cheaper than our existing GPT-3.5 models,” wrote the company.

Developers will also be able to get a dedicated instance of ChatGPT if they are running a large amount of data through the API, essentially giving the developers more control “over what model you’re using, how long you want it to take to respond to requests, and how long conversations with the bot can be.”

Additionally, with the AI-powered speech-to-text model, Whisper, the company says you can transcribe or translate audio at a cost of $0.006 per minute.

Lastly, OpenAI is also working on increasing the uptime and stability of ChatGPT.

The new API will make it easier for developers to get their hands on OpenAI’s tech, ultimately streamlining the process for developers looking to include chat services in their apps.

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Source: OpenAI Via: The Verge

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