Students of Segovia | The Acoustic Guitar Podcast

Students of Segovia | The Acoustic Guitar Podcast

Andrés Segovia was born on February 21, 1893. To mark his 130th birthday, we spoke with three contemporary guitarists who each studied with the Maestro: Lily Afshar, Liona Boyd, and Michael Chapdelaine. Each of our guests shares their unique (or infamous) experience and how playing for Segovia when they were students impacts the way they see music today.

Pictured left to right: Michael Chapdelaine, Lily Afshar, Liona Boyd

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Additional resources:

  • Learn more about Lily Afshar at her website and read her “Letter from Tehran” here.
  • Learn more about Liona Boyd at her website and read about the ups and downs of her journey with focal dystonia.
  • Learn more about Michael Chapdelaine at his website and check out his “Steel-String Guitarist’s Introduction to Nylon-String Techniques and Repertoire” and video lesson on how to play the classical guitar standard “Romanza.”
  • From the Classical Guitar magazine archive, a 17-part centenary celebration of Segovia.

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