Woman furious after boyfriend demands she spends lottery win on gifts for him

Woman furious after boyfriend demands she spends lottery win on gifts for him

The woman was left furious after her boyfriend demanded she use her big lottery win to buy him luxury items – and lashed out at her when she shared her plans for spending the money

The boyfriend wanted his partner to buy him a new car (stock photo)

If you won a life-changing amount of money tomorrow, what would you spend it on? Well, if your answer does not include buying your partner a car, you might want to think again – or risk your darling’s wrath.

A man has lashed out at his girlfriend after she cashed in a winning lottery ticket but refused to buy him a Tesla immediately. The money-savvy winner says she’s not touching the money until she’s first spoken to her financial advisors.

But the news did not go down well with her partner, who has been making a long list of lavish requests.

People warned the woman she should dump her boyfriend over his behaviour (stock photo)


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Shocked by her boyfriend’s reaction when she denied him a new car, the lottery winner took to Reddit to ask for advice. She was there greeted by several commenters who were quick to support her decision and blast her partner’s behaviour.

In the much-talked-about post, the 26-year-old woman explained she has been dating her partner Andy, 30, for under a year. The pair do not currently live together and the winnings were deposited into her bank account. But ever since her wealth increased, he has started making demands, despite her plan to not touch the money until she meets her newly-hired financial advisors.

The one decision she has already made is that she would like to enjoy “a small amount” of her “life changing” sum, use some to help her family, and invest the rest to safeguard their future.

“Andy has different plans,” however, as her post outlined. She explained there’s several things he wants, including a Tesla that he “absolutely doesn’t need” and a shared house with a swimming pool, and he has started talking about starting a family together.

“I’ve been refusing every single request telling him that necessities come first and that money I should under lock and key until I speak with my financial advisors,” she wrote. “He’s not very happy. He’s been calling me a Scrooge, telling him I don’t love him anymore, calling me a cheapskate.

“Worst of all, he now told every one of our friends about this and they’ve started pressuring me as we’ll, asking me to fund nights out, etc. And they’ve been very cruel when I refuse, a***** being almost a compliment. I’m devastated.”

As such, she was keen to know if she had been unreasonable for “not wanting to spend frivolously.” However, commenters were overwhelmingly in her favour, with many suggesting she should end the relationship.

One person wrote: “Red flags. After only 7 months of dating, how did he decide he was entitled to your money?” Another said: “Ditch the boyfriend ASAP. Don’t buy him a pack of gum, let alone anything else.” And a different responder agreed, writing: “Dump him now.”

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