[ZARA] Let's go see the new American Zara~ (feat.Beach) | ZARA New in (feat.beach)

[ZARA] Let's go see the new American Zara~ (feat.Beach) |  ZARA New in (feat.beach)

Hello everyone, I'm #CaliforniaSera~
It's been a long time since I've grown up~ Let's pick out only the new pretty ones~
The watch and bag I wore (Nord Green) were sponsored by (Teddy Blake)~

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California Sera?
I live in the United States~ I use my experience as a fashion designer to go to the store as if researching Macep, see the trends, and upload a video that introduces good clothes to you.

Hi guys!! I'm California Sara!

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California Sara?
Living in SoCal, love going to stores to look at new trends with my experience as a former fashion designer.

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