10 Elegant Casual Outfit Ideas – Fall Lookbook

10 Elegant Casual Outfit Ideas – Fall Lookbook

Ladies, the fall season is officially in full swing! Today I’m trying on my go-to elegant casual outfits for this season as well as my top seasonal styling tips.
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Things I wore in the video:

Outfit 1:

Blue top: Pinko
Trouser: Seventy
Shoes: Hermès
Belt: Hermès
Jacket: Burberry
Gloves: Unknown

Outfit 2:

Dress: Self-portrait
Shirt: Carolina Herrera
Boots: Gianvito Rossi

Outfit 3:

Turtleneck: Falconeri
Skirt: Zara
Coat: Unknown
Boots: Gianvito Rossi

Outfit 4:

Blazer: Zara
Turtleneck: Oysho
Belt: Dior
Pants: Slowear
Boots: Hermès

Outfit 5:

Blazer: Max Mara
Skirt: Max Mara
Boots: MiuMiu

Outfit 6:

Dress: Manila Grace
Boots: MiuMiu

Outfit 7:

Dress: Max Mara
Belt: Zara
Boots: Gianvito Rossi

Outfit 8:

Turtleneck: Falconeri
Pants: Seventy
Belt: Hermès
Gilet: Jovonna
Boots: By Far

Outfit 9:
Coat: Dolce & Gabbana
Pants: Seventy
Turtleneck: Zara
Ballerina: Chanel

Outfit 10:

Rain coat: Alexa Chung
Rain boots: Emilio Pucci


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