[Online Review] Zara Fall New _September Coordination & Style Analysis

[Online Review] Zara Fall New _September Coordination & Style Analysis

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I have it after a long time On! This is a new review for Zara
After doing the fall trend, I can see the Zara trend.

Next time, I'll select each item and review it

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*For reference, this video is not Zarahowl,,,
I am a long-time American brand Searching for trends based on design career
10, looking at #Zara products for over a year, #trends in foreign countries from a designer's point of view.
We inform you that this is an online selection video

1. It is a trendy and long-wearing item. '
2. I try to select and analyze various items and '#products with better coordination'

This is an online review only, so there may be some shortcomings in fit or fabric quality
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