Zara Fashion Howlㅣ8 Things You'll Regret If You Don't See Zara Haul. 🤍🎩ㅣLife-fit pants, blouses, knits, sandalsㅣIMDAY

Zara Fashion Howlㅣ8 Things You'll Regret If You Don't See Zara Haul.  🤍🎩ㅣLife-fit pants, blouses, knits, sandalsㅣIMDAY

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Ten minutes hi~~~~~~! I finally brought a video of Zara Howl! 👋🏻
I bought these items that can be layered and worn as an inner while feeling the seasons. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I can't live without an air conditioner ㅜㅜ
I have to be a smart consumer who buys while looking at the trends after the FW release and comparing different brands…! Even if you want to buy autumn clothes quickly, don't be hasty yet and be patient! 😋

Everyone, how are you doing well?? I had a hard time suffering because my body couldn't listen, probably because I was relaxed recently, but I finally got better. Everyone should take good care of themselves in good health.. If you are sick, you can't do anything. Really.. Especially in times like these! 🤍It hurts mango~🥭 I hope you have a happy day!!!!!! Fight!!


1. Knot tight fit Top $49,000 size S
The material is very goldy. The pure ivory color is really pretty! The shirring detail that covers the belly fat is the best A7%A4%EB%85%AD-%ED%80%80%EC%9D%B4%ED%8A%B8%ED% 91%8F-%ED%80%45-p04437259 .html?v1=113522610

2. wide leg jeans 38, size EU35(KR28)
Pants that turn your legs into highways. Comes in a variety of colors, so you have a lot to choose from! The white color was not completely white, but it felt off-white, so it was not burdensome and was good. A pretty name even if it rolls up EC%96%59%EC%9D%B4%EB%88%9C-%EB%A0%83%EA%B7%B8-%EC%A7%80-p1883057.html?v1=108948637

3. Punched polo shirt $000,000 size M
Hand-knitted feel full-fledged knit. The design is unique and beautiful for the price and high quality! It's rather short, and it's hard for Confucian girls to see-through at the top, right? I think the half Confucian girl Im Day is okay with this %EC%B9%AD-%ED%8F%B4%EB%A1%9C%EC%59%94% EC%B8%A0-p07901311.html?v1=13504710
4. Knit Combi Top ₩, size S
A luxurious and beautiful name. I like the chic and simple design because it's black .com/kr/en/%EB%8B%83%ED%8A%B8-%EC%BD%A4%EB%B9%80-%ED%45%91-p380.html?v1=13504710
5. Strap Knit Top $28,000 size M
I bought this to try Shaba Shaba transformation for layering. ! It's not chiffon or silk, it's a knit material, so it feels like it can be layered well without the season??? %EC%8A%A4%ED%8A%B8%EB%9E%A9-%EB%8B%83%ED%8A%B8-%ED%80%84-p04437259.html?v1=128032952
6. Knit Flare Pants ₩28,000 size M
Knit pants that seem to be available until spring, summer, and early fall. Absolutely impossible to wear alone. I think it would be good to use it layered with a dress or skirt! Because it is a see-through and light material, it is not stuffy or hot even if you wear it in layers. EB%8B%83%ED %8A%B8-%ED%94%8C%EB%A0 %83%EC%96%B4-%ED%8C%AC%EC%B8%A0-p07901311.html?v1=111472879

7. Leather Sandals $38 ,000 EU 000 (KR96)
Mule sandals faithful to the basics . It's not too high with a 6cm heel, so it's less burdensome! If you are looking for these basic heeled sandals, this is it~~ 8D%91-%EC%83%8C%EB%88%A4-p07901311.html?v1=07901521&v2=1883057 8. Flat Beach Sandals $59, size EU37 (KR96) It's famous for a reason~~
https:// %EB%83%A4-p13504710.html?v1=115584092

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