[One Piece Episode 1021 Confirmed Spoiler] The true face of the Wano Kuni Shogun is revealed ONEPIECE

[One Piece Episode 1021 Confirmed Spoiler] The true face of the Wano Kuni Shogun is revealed ONEPIECE

Hello everyone, this is the original drawing of One Piece Library. Today I made a video with the contents of One Piece 1021 episode. .
Thank you if you enjoy watching. The title is Demonio in Spanish, the will of the devil, and most of the scenes in this episode 1021 are with Nico Robin
It is said to be filled with the battle scenes of Black Maria. I really like the battles of the beautiful empresses. During the battle with Black Maria
, a flashback scene of Nicorobin continues and he recalls the incident with Sabo, Koala, and Hack. And it is said that Sabo is trying to inform the right of the dragon. In this part, it is revealed that Robin’s combative variations are wider
. What Robin learned is the collision of rocks on Fishman Island. It is said that the use of “Higantesco Agate”, which was blocked, is an application of the Fish-Artificial Suido. ) Robin uses a new technology called Demonio Flur to transform his body into a figure with the shape of a black devil
In this part, most of the predictions that he might have covered his entire body with an armed spirit There are a lot of people who do it, but they say it doesn’t look like an armed color yet
If it is covered with an armed color, it will be mixed with Robin’s ability and will have the strength of a horror movie. Now the scene changes to Luffy again and
It is said that Luffy is recovering by eating meat. It is truly Luffy-like recovery method. Now there is a shocking scene. I’m asking Shinobu, I’m asking him to make me an adult.
In the past, the story of Momonosuke’s transformation using aged ripened fruits among neta rice cakes used to come out as a joke, but now it turns out to be true.
It seems like something got hit in the back of the head. Oda is also Oda. There was even a physical way to go back to Onigashima after carrying Luffy. There used to be a lot of stories
saying that it would be nice to use this ability like this, but gradually with new technologies and They are combined and show great synergy. If you catch Black Maria one-on-one, you’re really
buying Nico Robin right?

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