Styling with Prada sneakers and chatting

Styling with Prada sneakers and chatting

2020 Hello. pear flowers. Today, I met my friend's Prada sneakers! 380 I was watching the video, and I was a little disappointed with the look styling as well as the hair style. See you more prettily next time.

0: Top[커버낫], Bottom[코스], Ball cap[커버낫], Sock[나이키]380 2: 38 Sunglasses [젠틀몬스터] 3: One Piece [Warang wayan] Black Inner Sleeveless [브랜드없음] Bag [Warang wayan]
4: 27 Top[코스] Bottom[길트프리; 선물로 보내주심] Bag[샤넬]2020 5: 56 top [델보] Pants [le17septembre] Bags [드래곤백 미니플랫고라]
6: 18 Top [스튜디오 심플먼트], Pants [드래곤백 미니플랫고라] Green Eco Bag

Thank you for being with us. See you again in good health 🙏🏻2020 2020 Instagram 56
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Author: Bentley ko