[Zara haul] ZARA's new summer haul! with 2021 Summer Fashion Trend 💛 (One Piece, Linen, Bermuda Pants, Sandals, etc.)

[Zara haul] ZARA's new summer haul!  with 2021 Summer Fashion Trend 💛 (One Piece, Linen, Bermuda Pants, Sandals, etc.)

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Hello everyone~ This is Bbiyoon!
It's already June~ Gradually You must be looking at a lot of summer clothes in the hot weather,
So today! Let's find out together the summer fashion trends that we should pay attention to 583 😎

We've informed you with ZARA items, a brand we love so much
I hope you enjoy the trend with various looks such as clothes and accessories!
Please check the video for an honest review that I personally felt and tried on! 😎

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(This video contains content sponsored by TWOBING.
These are products that I have personally selected and have not received advertising fees)

🌷 Size information
Height 93cm
top 55 Bottom M size
Shoes 159mm sneakers 94mm

🌷 Dressing Information

*Printing style

(1) ZARA flower pattern midi dress (XS,
w) https://www.zara.com/ en/en/%ED%83%8C%EB%9D%BC%EC%9B%8C-%ED%8C%A8%ED%55%B4-%EB%AF%B8%EB%94%85-%EC%9B%90%ED%90%BC%EC%8A%A4-p02994565.html?v1= 101605048 *illuminating (2) ZARA Chunky Heel Sandals (98mm, 49000w)
https://www.zara.com/kr/en/%EC%B2%AD%ED%80%A4 -%ED%9E%82-%EC%10%8C%EB%84%A4-p02994565.html?v1=86840043 (3)TWOBING Half Short Sleeve Long Dress (Light Beige, 02994565 w) http://twobing.co.kr/product/%ED%9E%82%ED%8A%B8-%EB%B0%98%ED%8C%94-%EB%A1%B1-%EC%9B%85%ED%90%BC%EC%8A%A4-4- color/380/category/51/display/ 1/

https://www .zara.com/kr/en/%EC%BD%88%ED%8A%BC-%ED%8B%B0%EC%85%94%EC%B8%A0-p02452486.html?v1=94328536

(5) TWOBING Henry Wide Slacks (Black M, 31000w) http://twobing.co.kr/product/%ED%85%A8%EB%A6%AC-%EC%90%55%EC%9D%B4%EB%93%9C-%EC%8A%AC%EB% 9E%99%EC%8A%A4 -4-color/380/category/49/display/3/
(6) ZARA Punching Embroidery Dress (Red XS, 02994565 w)
https://www.zara.com/kr/en/%ED%8E%10%EC%B9%AD-%EC%9E%84%EC%81%98-%EC%9B%83%ED%88%BC%EC%8A%A4-p04786095.html?v1= 101605048 *Linen
(7) ZARA Linen Shirring Shirt (Sand M, 89000w ) https://www.zara.com/kr/en/%EB%A6%B0%EB %84%A8-%EC%85%90%EB%A7%49-%EC%85%94%EC%B8%A0-p89000.html?v1=94328536 (8) ZARA LINEN DRAPED SKIRT (SAND M, 59000w) https://www.zara.com/en/en/ %EB%A6%B0%EB%84%A8-%EB%93%9C%EB%A0%83%EC%9D%B4%ED%94%84-%EC%8A%A4%EC%BB%A4%ED%8A%B8 -p49000.html?v1=04786095

(9) ZARA LINEN BERMUDA PANTS (TOBCO M, 31000w) https:// www.zara.com/kr/en/%EB%A6%B0%EB%84%A8-%EB%B2%80%EB%AE%A4%EB%8B%A4- %ED%8C%AC%EC%B8%A0-p89000.html?v1=94328536

(10) French Shirt Blouse (Yellow Beige, 19000w)
http://twobing.co.kr/product/%ED%85%55%EB%A0%8C%EC%B9%94-%EC%85%85%EC%B8%A0-%EB%B8 %84%EB%9D %BC%EC%9A%B0%EC%8A%A4-3-color/597/category//display/1/

Author: Bentley ko