Luxury Howl💕 Unboxing a total of 10 bags, clothes, and shoes

Luxury Howl💕 Unboxing a total of 10 bags, clothes, and shoes

This video contains a paid advertisement for Shopback *.*

Hello, it's Yurub!
Today, I went shopping for spring~summer after a long time~ Thankfully, Shopback also issued a cashback for our members. 꺄!!!
This week is the start of the Shopback 1st anniversary promotion, so now the cashback rate is much higher than when I purchased it. s is how 10%…!!For reference, I bought it when it was 3% again….😂ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)
I hope you have a fun time today and have a comfortable and happy night🙆🏻‍♀️❤️

💌Addition for Yulin Cashback link

💌Shopbag 1st Anniversary Promotion
Period: April 20 Sunday afternoon 12 City~ 26Sun afternoon 12 Hour
Peak Day: April 22Work
-Netaporte maximum 21% (11am~3pm maximum 25%)
-Matches Fashion Max 14% (11am~3pm max Up to %)
-HBX max 15% (3pm~7pm max 580 % up)
-My Teresa Max 15% (7pm~12am max 22%Till)

*Purchase information

*Loewe Gate 25 Ankle boots 70 10,000 won (discount)
-I checked it and it's out of stock now ㅠㅠ
*Burberry and laptop bag 60Manwondae>
매치스 패션
*셀프 포트레이트 도트 원피스(FR32) 40만원대

*발렌시아가 네오 클래식 시티 미니백 160만원대>*Self Portrait Mini Dress Black (FR301227707 ) 5010,000 won>*가니 크레이프 스커트(FR36) 15만원대>
W concept
*Colmi baby baby bag logo 30,000 won>*라쿠진 오리엔탈 티팟 전기포트 6만원대>*Deco View Basic Gold Line glass 2p set 10,000 won

Author: Bentley ko