🌼 Spring with lots of pretty clothes #Fashion Howl Part 2 23 products 🤘🏻🌼 (Grobe/Mabi Baby/Zara/Base Range/Course/YSTD/Bowen/One Piece Restaurant👗)

🌼 Spring with lots of pretty clothes #Fashion Howl Part 2 23 products 🤘🏻🌼 (Grobe/Mabi Baby/Zara/Base Range/Course/YSTD/Bowen/One Piece Restaurant👗)

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💬 Hello~❤️ Everyone! We are 🙆🏻‍♀️✨ Today, the subscribers have been waiting a lot !!! I brought the 2nd Spring Fashion Howl ☺️☺️👏🏻👏🏻 I think I bought a lot, but I left out the bags and shoes that I would shoot separately 23 kinds (set /Excluding other colors) only came out… !! Still, there are a lot of fashion howls in terms of number. Since it’s been a long time since I rented a studio and filmed it hard, I hope it will be a fun video for many people!!! There are so many clothes that I can’t write more details. If you leave a comment if you have a lot of questions, I’ll let you know eagerly❤️ Hehe. Then thank you for watching the video again, and everyone should wear pretty clothes☺️☺️❤️✨

✔️ The necklace and bracelet that I keep wearing in the video
∙Necklace: Simon necklace gold color & bracelet is Dior 30 Montaigne Antique Gold CD Links.

🖤Clothing information🖤

1.Maybe Baby Dearest Tartine Knit Lemon Cream (59,000Won)
(http:/ /asq.kr/D1NcqnfLO2XC )
: Loose and boxy knit! These thick knits are difficult to wear in winter, and can be worn alone on T-shirts in warm spring and autumn. If you’ve been looking for something bright nowadays, I’d recommend this knit that you can wear with an outerwear feel! It’s a fresh lemon color, and the knit texture is wide, so you have to wear it with a T-shirt.🍋

2. Grove NIKO KINT LIGHT GRAY (84,000Won)
(http: //asq.kr/gWlS285MKZOXXi )
: It is an argyle short-sleeved knit with a warm gray color that is good to wear in spring with a bright feeling. It wasn’t very short, so when I wore it with regular pants, there was no point of revealing the flesh, and it was just right to wear it alone because it didn’t have a crackling feeling!

3. Nadus MERINO WOOL CARDIGAN GREEN 4 size (138,000won)
( http://asq.kr/FE1E1Z2z1V2Q1S )
: I’m going to buy another color and wear it alone because there’s no more cut than I thought! Instead, it’s a man’s size, so my arms are a bit long. You can fold it up, but the fit is pretty! 🐋

4.Diagnal ROUND SILHOUETTE CARDIGAN Black (129,000Won)
: I saw a lot of belly button, so I wore it with knitted pants that come to the waist. If you just wear it with black straight pants or slacks, your waist looks slender because of the shoulder balloon detail, and you can feel the black neatness, so I think it’s good to wear it neatly. But it’s a bit short 😥

5. Maybe Baby Dearest Shea t Moss Green (32,000won)
( http://asq.kr/V2Fanx2wJdOoB8 )
: It is a T-shirt that shows the body line when worn alone because it is a material that stretches like a slime. It’s a T-shirt that doesn’t look like it’s hot even when it’s getting hot because it’s a stretchy material like Tencel. It looks like you can wear it on a slightly rainy summer day… ?

6.Zara Lapelis Crop Blazer Black M (89,000Won)
(http://asq.kr/ajwd4l58feHAKT )
: DM was really~ talkative..! It’s a jacket that’s good to wear alone in warm spring because it doesn’t have a deep dig. It’s a jacket, but it’s a style that I wear alone with the concept of a blouse (though you can wear it with a napkin or short short sleeves), and it’s neat and solid, so it feels neat.

7.Course Lightweight Boxy T-shirt white M (89,000won)
( http://asq.kr/84pSHjY2X2lNyC )
: This fit is really my Choi Ae! I wear this ivory & white blouse well for my job. It’s cute even if you wear a linen skirt in spring, and it goes well with any linen pants, slacks, and cotton pants. Until now, there are many things that have been lost by buying only Dongdaemun clothes, so I bought them as solid course clothes this time. It’s dumb, but it doesn’t feel like it’s overwhelming, it’s so pretty.

8. Grove 21S /S SAGE SHIRT GRAY (108,000won)
( http://asq.kr/HvZW6md6DaBAWu )
: Dry Recommended until ..! It’s a formal + casual feel, but the sleeves are narrow, so I was worried when I wore it.

9. Zara Fluid Shirt Washing Rose Pink M (49,000won)
( http://asq.kr/D0jjzGUEBObvjQ )
: It is a very old design, but strangely 2010 It’s a lovely indie pink shirt that seems to go well with a wedding in the year. I’m going to wear it on slacks sometimes!

10.Zara texture blouse scratch white M (39,000Won)
(http://asq.kr/etIdPbYBvmIdDD )
: After looking around at the store, I found only one blouse! There was a rubber band at the end of the clothes, so there was no uncomfortable feeling when wearing it. A blue elastic band on the chest is very dent, but if it is tied tightly, it is perfect as a comfortable blouse for spring and summer. The sleeves are also a little like a balloon, so it’s cute ㅠ__ㅠ🤍

11.Maybe Baby Wishes bl Ivory (42,500Won)
(http://asq.kr /T9yuKgOrenLbT9E )
: It is a very transparent material, but the shirring on the shoulders complements the round and narrow shoulders, so it has a lovely feeling when worn. Lace + ribbon are both suitable, so I think it will go well with slacks or cotton pants. Much thinner than the one above!

12.Base Range Shaw Tee Fleece Rib Off White S (100Euro)
(http://asq. kr/6WWBiKaRZShUck )
: It is a wrap knit that gave a calm but comfortable feeling! It’s a soft and solid side, and there was something burdensome because the rap keeps opening every time the dress moves, but even if I wear it alone, I don’t have to worry about opening it up at all. I think it’s good to feel the bass range comfortably.

13.Maybe Baby Dearest Nabeen jk Mint Sky (139,won)
( http://asq.kr/qbXoucXc2v3OCj )
: Recommended only for those who need a refreshing turning point in the spring. The color is refreshing, but it can get tired faster..! For those who need a tweed jacket, it is recommended to purchase a’cardigan’ in ivory, navy and black colors.

14.Alice sister wrinkle banding pleats high-quality fabric long wide pants charcoal (15,400won)
(http://asq.kr/yilswUSNXoknTE )
: It’s very comfortable, but it doesn’t feel like it’s correcting the lower body as much as it’s comfortable! The thickness of the hips and thighs is revealed as it is, so wearing bright colors can make you look very uncomfortable. For many people who live under the lower body like me, I recommend purchasing it with the brightness of charcoal!

15.And Mellow String Pleated Pants High Fit Wide Ruffles Banding Pt Ivory & Black (28,000won)
( http://asq.kr/TkRcaPntchqKPP )
: It really sticks. Skinny people may look thinner, but there is something about my hip line~!! As it turned out, it was a little embarrassing. It’s nice to have long legs, but when I wear something like this, I wonder if I don’t wear it with something that covers my butt. In particular, Ivory is not recommended because the panties are transparent.

16.Urban Deon Deep Gray Denim L (40,000Won)
(http://asq.kr /dt093FmBn2R0s0 )
: Perfect for casual denim! It’s a bit smaller than the jeans I recommended last time 28 was okay to wear. It goes well with just a cardigan and a T-shirt, so it’s easy to wear jeans on days when you want to wear sneakers! I’ve been wearing very well lately.

17. Urbane Bottle Span Bootcut Pants M (40,000Won)
(http://asq.kr/k0MylrwTzGrb2R )
: Because the cotton is a little thicker (not brushed), it might feel stuffy when it gets hotter. 171 touched the back of my feet even when I was wearing it Recommended only for tall people! It’s a boot cut, but it’s comfortable to wear because it has a span. Wearing straight black pants was a good point to wear on a boring day.

18.YSTD DYEING H.ZIP-UP BK (69,000Won)
&YSTD DYEING SWEAT PANTS BK 2 size (54,000Won)( http://asq.kr/qV9LF05pOXFt7m) (http://asq.kr/gMx0261 iuvP8Pk )
: I highly recommend it, but both fit and detail are perfect! However, this washing line is a heavyweight fabric, so it was too heavy to wear, so it was a strong feeling of fatigue.

19.It Rice I Miss U Ment Frill Pintuck Gourmet One Piece Soft Khaki (78,400won)
( http://asq.kr/o44oSuL1nCCEa0 )
: The new spring dresses you bought this time are 160 Recommended for those below. I was disappointed with the strangely short feeling, but it is a dress that seems to go well with a neat feeling when going on a spring outing.

20.It Rice Imis U Ella Yorushon Yeori One Piece Pink ( ,400won)
http://asq.kr/gSI5JOthrVQppd )
: Something is very loveable! It’s sky-high, so I think I’ll wear it well in hot summer, and I think it’s cute if I wear it under a jacket in spring.

21.Cos Ashmetric Knitted Wrap Dress Black M (190,000won)
( http://asq.kr/F6LBOFAU4fP5WC )
: The clothes are a bit tighter than I thought, so it’s heavy . There is a gap in the chest on the shoulder, so you have to keep an eye on it! It’s a dress that looks like a nice older sister because it’s neat.

22.Lo Rohee Bowen Bartoner Dress & Cardigan Navy (168 ,500won)
( http://asq.kr/YhAf7MUiVMbUtu)
: It’s just like a lazy, Pangyo house feeling! If you wear loafers here, you are done ~!

23.Base Range Shaw Long Sleeve Kaftan Off White XS & Gray Melange S (160 Euro ) (http://asq.kr/4KyedSgpd2cTLn )
: It was easier to buy directly because the price includes VAT..!! It’s a pity that I worry about the opening every time I walk, but when I wear it, the fit is really pretty. It is recommended for tall people because it grows a lot!


Author: Bentley ko