[fashion] I came after trying on the Grove 2021 Spring New!

[fashion] I came after trying on the Grove 2021 Spring New!

I came after shooting with 3kg steamed than usual
by referring to my body size.
(I’m also trying to return….ㅠㅠ)
There are so many things I want to buy, so I just tried on it. !
I’ll buy the streets in order… I can’t buy everything… Black
But this time, there are a lot of new images
16 Even though I tried wearing clothes
I couldn’t wear everything I wanted to wear because there were so many 😭
Around this time, my face was so overworked It’s good, but please understand. look 1
Innerty: 21ss 1986 t-otm/nv-f size-c100- 39000 Won 218000 Shorts: 21ss amo shorts-ny-m size -shell nylon-89000 one
cardigan: 21ss Keaton cd-bl-f size -c60 n 40 – 103000won

look 2
Cardigan: 21ss basset cd-bk-f size-c100 – 112000won
shorts : 21ss ria pt-bl-s size-c100-83000 Won
Inner Knit: 21ss chlay knt-nv/bl-f size-ac80 n 15 w 5-83000 Won

look 3
One Piece: 21ss Amelie ops-ny-f size-p60 w20 r17 pu3 -218000Won

look 4
One Piece: 21ss Amelie ops-ny-f size-p60 w20 r17 pu3-218000 one
denim: 21ss fei pt- lbl-s size-c100-98000 One

look 5
Inner shirt: 21ss sage sh-gy-f size-vis 77 p 23-108000 Won
Best: 21ss tessy vest-nv st-f size-c65 n 35-74000 One
Pants: 21 flared leg pt-st-m size-p 70 w 30-128000 Won

look 6
Innerty: 21 ss basic t-wh-f size-c100-29000 One
Skirt: 21ss way sk-ny-m size-p 55 a30 r15-98000 Won
Cardigan on shoulder: 21ss Gigi cd -bl-f size-w 50 n 40 ca 5-98000 won

look 7218000 Enerty: 21ss basic t-wh-f size-c100-29000 One
Knit: 21ss Jolie knt-bl-f size-c60 ac 40-128000 One
Denim: 21ss llisa pt-iv-m size-c100 – 98000 won

look 8
knit: 21ss Lottie knt-l/bl-f size-c75 n25-93000 One
Denim: 21ss llisa pt-iv-m size-c100 – 98000 won

look 9
One Piece: 21ss Kate ops-ye-s size-p100-198000 won
hat : 21ss 1978 ball cap-iv-f size-c100-39000 One
jumper: 21ss grvr club jp-iv/bg-f size-c71 pe29 – 168000won

look 10
Inner Knit: 21 ss pony knt-i+D11v-f size-c100-78000 One
Pants: 21ss fred pt-khbe-m size-p 70 w 30 -118000 One
Jacket: 21ss keily jk-Kobe-m size-p 70 w 30-238000Won

look 11
Inner Zip Up: 21ss cozy zip up-iv-f size-c 85 p 11- 78000won
pants : 21ss ayne pt-br-m size-p 64 r 26 w10-108000One
Jacket: 21ss betti jk-yest-f size-p 70 w 30-238000won

look 12
Enerty: 21ss fever t-nv-f size-c 100-43000 One
Pants: 21ss grvr club pt -mgy-m size-c 100-89000 One
Jacket: 21ss river jk-bgy-f size-p 100-238000 Won
Hat: 21 ss 1978 ball cap-nv-f size-c100-39000Won

look 13
neat : 21ss disco knt-cr/ mt-f size-c100-93000 One
Pants: 21ss amber pt-bg-m size-c 50 n 50-138000 Won

look 14
Jacket: 21ss heidi jk-br- f size-p78 r 18 sp 4-198000 One
Skirt: 21ss owl sk-br-s size-p 78 r 18 sp 4-98000 Won
Inner Knit: 21ss niko t-br-f size-p 55 n 30 w 12 ca 3-93000won

look 15
one piece : 21ss nnuve ops-bk-s size-c100 – 159000won
Inner blouse: 21ss dewey bl-iv-f size-p100-112000Won

look 16
Enerty: 21ss swing t-mlg-f size-c 100 – 43000won
pants : 21ss grvr club pt-bk-m size-c 100-89000 One
Jacket: 21ss evelyl jk-lbl-f size-c100-198000 won
hat : 21ss grvr ball cap-iv/nv-f size-c100 -38000won

Author: Bentley ko