[zara jeans] ZARA Jeans Howl👖 / Zarahaul /zara haul/ Fashion Trend / Zara Spring New / ZARA /FASHION TREND/ Zara

[zara jeans] ZARA Jeans Howl👖 / Zarahaul /zara haul/ Fashion Trend / Zara Spring New / ZARA /FASHION TREND/ Zara

#ZARA #HAUL #Spring Shinsang

Hello everyone~

In this video, ZARA prepared a new look for jeans and cargo pants for the S/S season.
Jeans are usually purchased from Zara. ,
I will introduce various styling tips and size selection tips~
The cardigans we coordinated together will be co-ordinated with various items next week 🙂
Using my experience as a fashion designer (I worked as a luxury designer in Milan, Italy, moved to Hong Kong and worked as the head of Hong Kong brand design ☺️), I want to give you a shopping tip
. There are a lot of shortcomings, but please have fun watching this Zara Howl video! Take care of your health~!


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✔️165cm / 51kg

✔️ Jacket & bag information is on the previous video detail page!

✔️z 380 mom jeans/ 49,000Won / light b lue / 36
✔️jeans – z1975 straight/ 49,000원 / 36
✔️zw premium white culotte jeans/ 59,000won / 36
✔️the carrot fit cargo trousers/ 59,000원 / 36
✔️zw premium the new slim/ 59,000Won /black/ 34
✔️slim fit hi-rise jeans/ 49,000원 /light grey/ 36
✔️zw premium the new slim/ 59,000Won /light blue/ 34
https://www.zara.com/kr/en/zw-premium-the-new-slim-cropped-jeans -p04124041.html?v1=98408870

Author: Bentley ko