[MEJIWOO X zigzag] 10Days Outfits | Spring Lookbook | Spring daily look

[MEJIWOO X zigzag] 10Days Outfits |  Spring Lookbook |  Spring daily look

This video is not a paid advertisement, but contains the promotion of our (Mijiwoo) products.

Hello everyone! I came to the lookbook after a long time ^___^
It seems like the day is getting warmer..?
With the new semester coming soon and various Miji-woo spring new images that are good to wear if I release 10 I have prepared various looks,
This lookbook is a zigzag collaboration and there is also a surprise coupon event for subscribers!
Please check the event details at the end of the video♥

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*Coupon code name: Mijiu Everyday
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Coupon registration period: 2/10 ~ 2/16
(Early depending on the exhaustion situation May be closed)
Coupon valid period: 7 days from the issuance date

And finally, we are not waiting for our own holiday Discount promotion on the site itself (10%~max 40%) is in progress, so I hope you enjoy shopping♡ (Period: 2/ 11 24: 00 ~ 2/15 24: 00)

Links to coordinated items for each look I’ll put it in summary 🙂
Then we’ll see you again in the next video~~~!

TOP-Hand Round Knit https://s.zigzag.kr/lzJAZHqFnP
BOTTOM-Hek Denim Long Skirt https: //s.zigzag.kr/kHZMXtU8X3
ACCESSORY-Turomi Bungoji https:// s.zigzag.kr/f4ZD99S2Yv
BAG-Bucket Mickey Bag https://s.zigzag.kr/RYhbz2WC8N
SHOES-Rievon Flat Shoes https://s.zigzag.kr/QJA77eET1K

OUTER-Momo Open Cardigan (Out of Stock)
TOP-Puppy Stripe Tee https://s .zigzag.kr/4NnP6ZxWfJ
ONE-PIECE-Cindy Overall Denim One Piece https://s.zigzag.kr/yFUUF9tdpS
BAG-Bucket Mickey Bag https://s.zigzag.kr/yFUUF9tdpS

OUTER- Hidden Line Stitch Jacket https://s.zigzag.kr/WeKoPGOUzP
TOP-Downtown Tea https://s.zigzag.kr/POU0lykX0z
BOTTOM-Line Slit Over Denim https://s.zigzag.kr/COOZeSIuWm
ACCESSORY-Tourmy Bungoji https://s.zigzag.kr/ThKFJbOVVo
SHOES-Leon Open Toe Walker https://s.zigzag.kr/5NFaIqp2jQ

OUTER-Ivy check frill jacket https://s.zigzag.kr/0IaqSQY8Fg
TOP-Downey Booklet Mini Cardigan https://s.zigzag.kr/ZzMbPoGZ0F
ONE-PIECE-Mage V One Piece https://s.zigzag.kr/GKmKC2Coyl
SHOES-Rievon Flat Shoes https://s.zigzag.kr/5QrZZEp0zn

OUTER-Jumhr Jacket https://s.zigzag.kr/qPWVvqTP0r
TOP-Bronze V-neck Knit https://s.zigzag.kr/fVz0MMt7zg
BOTTOM-Elle Banding Slacks https://s.zigzag .kr/PtYyhaHItu
SHOES-Saint Sneakers https://s.zigzag.kr/5JOkync4SR

OUTER-Butter No Cara Jacket https://s.zigzag.kr/ VELZAhLlLg
TOP-Bath Shirred Blouse https://s.zigzag.kr/9Dk8SdSxHQ
BOTTOM-Becky Long Denim https://s.zigzag.kr/S2lYw6RvKk
SHOES-Rievon Flat Shoes https://s .zigzag.kr/hKYh6TFGsM

OUTER-Butter No Cara Jacket https://s.zigzag.kr/zwKkIFPfOf
TOP-Bath Shirred Blouse https://s.zigzag.kr/lcOHF72QGQ
BOTTOM-WOMEN Dark Jeans https://s.zigzag.kr/4IGJMZxc0T
SHOES-Autumn Flat Shoes https ://s.zigzag.kr/9iMrEJ9XLn

OUTER-Retro Check Combi Jacket https://s.zigzag.kr /vyLeibYfI8
TOP-Ment Twist Round Knit https://s.zigzag.kr/eiOhTYg9jg
BOTTOM-Cotton Bye Pants https://s.zigzag .kr/5SoBpev7Dm
SHOES-Autumn Flat Shoes https://s.zigzag.kr/QCZ8tB1Ty2

OUTER-Upcoming Leather Jacket https://s.zigzag.kr/MDIKeuoZIr
ONE-PIECE-Nook One Piece https:// s.zigzag.kr/ZSRpX4X1cg
SHOES-Leon Open Toe Walker https://s.zigzag.kr/XJYImGRhEu

OUTER-Upcoming Leather Jacket https://s.zigzag.kr/EbRzlUueAo
TOP-Creamy Combi Cardigan (Out of Stock)
BOTTOM-Nana Denim Skirt https://s.zigzag.kr/NtIgmVTT2S
SHOES- Saint Sneakers https://s.zigzag.kr/UTAtSxvfNk

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