🌼 21 types of fashion howl products purchased in preparation for spring✨ (#Jogger pants restaurant YSTD/Maybe Baby&Zara&Minuet&Luxury Vintage Necklace)

🌼 21 types of fashion howl products purchased in preparation for spring✨ (#Jogger pants restaurant YSTD/Maybe Baby&Zara&Minuet&Luxury Vintage Necklace)

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💬 Hello~❤️ Everyone! We are 🙆🏻‍♀️✨ Today is a fashion howl video I brought after a long time!! I was just trying to bring it as a Howl video, but I bought more than I thought and brought it as a fashion Howl video. Did you guys have a good holiday? Today is a lot warmer, so I think spring will soon come, but looking at the weather next week again -12 is said to fall to degrees. Everyone wear padding and watch out for a cold!!! There are a lot of colorful and casual clothes, but next time I will show you mainly bright clothes!! Thank you again today❤️🙈❤️ Happy new year everyone~!

*The lip applied in the video is a rare kind fade matte brick lane! (Same for blusher)

🖤Product information🖤

1.Maybe baby Dearest Eugene knit navy (56,000won)
(http://asq.kr/UY0niU4CzzMBFD )
: I think it was spilled in the process of bringing the knit to the office .. ㅠ_ㅠ (Evaporated…) First of all, it has a bit of crease, but it is tolerable, and it is a bit deeper than the normal U-neck knit, so it is a good knit for people with a good face like me to disperse their eyes! If you buy it now, it’s a knit that you’ll wear well until spring.

*Short yellow knit: Mabe Baby Dearist Tartine (Lemon Cream)

2.Maybe Baby Dearest Lella nb Yellow (46,000won )
(http://asq.kr/v5psn9jjk0i4IP )
: It feels less boxy than the dearist shirt I bought before! Existing products had a big feeling like men’s L~XL, but this product feels M~L! So it was perfect for putting it in your pants. If you wear it with soft jeans or straight cream jeans, it would be nice to wear it with a sprout feeling in spring.

3. Maybe Baby Vinola ops black (60,500Won)
(http://asq.kr /wtgKnjYKggwHAW )
: This was very easy to wear, but it’s more easy to wear…! If there is a long black dress, I don’t think I’ll be able to buy it. It feels like a wrap, but the neckline stitches are a bit crackle. Just so neatly, black stockings + black loafers go well with st..!

4. Grow satin shirt scratch white M (45,000Won)
(http://asq .kr/TuH6i7JYmdYy6T )
: It’s a shirt made of a material that shines like a pearl. It’s bright, but it feels a bit bounced for everyday wear! It goes well with sticky ivory + white slacks. Lazy!

5.Zara Chenille Knit Sweatshirt Purple M (59,000Won)
(http://asq.kr/y47o66TklGlh4w )
: Very cute, but the heavy one is the disadvantage. It’s really cute when you just wear it, and it feels like you’re wearing a towel + blanket? It’s a good hood to wear with that feeling, like wearing a pretty sweatshirt as a pajamas at home, rather than wearing it outside. Very cute and light gray cotton leggings will go well with it!

6.Zara Wool Check Overshirt Cream & Red M ( ,000Won)
(http://asq.kr /dhAa44OJxdc2pg )
: In the same season now, it’s perfect to wear a neck pole or a long T-shirt. It was nice because the color was warm and bright. The clothes are a little heavy and the lining is not very warm, but I think you can wear a lightweight vest on a very cold day.

(http: //asq.kr/mOzwuOs0fBhCJT )
: Knit at a reasonable price at the store..! S size is the largest size, but when I wear it, I can see the belly button, so it is difficult to raise my hand. It’s a warm and fluffy knit, so I think I’ll wear it well until spring, but it’s a bit uncomfortable when I wear it and take it off because there is no elasticity in the neck and arm end.

(http://asq.kr/TleGjAszbv4dNJ )
: Just honor Tang! Doesn’t everyone have a retriever? It’s so big, if you usually wear male XL, it is enough to wear a size L. The warm feeling that the light gray light gives when wearing it is pretty. If you wear straight pants and sneakers, it goes well with man-to-man!

9. Slow Steady Club SL 05 B-2 SWEATSHIRT NAVY 5 size (66,000won)
( http://asq.kr/x5oMFyXCjzHlJQ )
: Personally, this navy color is true I think it was well selected. It has a calm and clear feeling, and the point I gave with the font was very cute. It was much more comfortable to wear a man-to-man than a hood, and although the size 5 is larger, it feels like the arms are so long? Anyway, I like the big size, so it fits well!

10.Slow Steady Club SINGLE SHORT SLEEVE (WHITE) 5 size (48,000won)
( http://asq.kr/x5oMFyXCjzHlJQ )
: This is a feeling of a little tight neck Man-to-man is much better than this.

11.Slow Steady Club T3 IPHONE CASE 12 PRO MAX NAVY (28,000Won)
(http://asq.kr/psJKVJonwiMVZC )
: It has a lot of fingerprints, but the design is cute! It’s a daily case these days because I can’t see it burning.

12.From Day One With Kink VT Gray (29,000won)
(http://asq.kr/jm1mjaTIY9IyD6 )
: I bought something according to the trend, but the noodles are really soft. Feels good with black straight pants or bootcut slacks? It would be nice to wear it lazy, but it’s been a while since this kind of clothes. I think I will wear it when I want to wear it maturely!

13.Minuet Zena collar tee ivory (28,000won)
( http://asq.kr/5qPiGEjZUHClNk )
: Something It was a material that I couldn’t wear a few times, but I bought it because it would be cute as a layered point. It would be cute if the swelling sleeves were layered with a suspenders or pear dress, and it was cute even if I just wore it with light blue pants. If you give a point to the color of the bag, it will look better!

14.Minuet Enoki suspender black (59, 000won)
( http://asq.kr/5C8k4jHktxAmrZ )
: 66size / 28 Corduroy suspenders that are easy to wear up to size it is! I wasn’t really relaxed because I was so big, but I didn’t feel very uncomfortable wearing it! I felt the season well, so it was nice to wear cute. (I like suspenders) The chest was also relaxed!

15 Minuet Necia jacket blue (109,000won)
( http://asq.kr/VyKwqLtYVzTaVF )
: I think this is prettier! I wondered if the color would look too cold when worn on a cold day, but it wasn’t warm, but it didn’t look cold. Something good to wear brightly? I matched it with bright slacks and it felt like spring had come. Buying a lively-boxy jacket at Minuet always succeeded.

16.YSTD CVC/KIMO SWEAT PANTS OAT 2 size (45,000won)
( http://asq.kr/TgzfZqkoLJQesj )
: This is really best!! Actually, the oatmeal color is much prettier, and the fit seems to be more relaxed in navy. (There may be some difference in the fabric) I paid a lot of attention to the details (pockets, strings) and there is no outer side line, so it feels more comfortable and the knees are less stretched. It’s not thick brushed, but I think I’ll wear it well until hot spring, but you have to try it on. I feel like I’ve been really concerned about it, and I don’t waste money at all. 160/55 size is 1 size, 170/66 Size 2 is recommended, and the length is slightly shorter. They also said that the hem string is a bit tight for men to wear! For your reference *_*

17.YSTD CVC SWEAT PANTS NAVY 2 size (45 ,000won)
( http://asq.kr/KlJXbFSNThJzQw )
: I think the real navy is prettier.

18.Cos Straight Woven Trouser Dark Navy 38size (135,000won)
( http://asq.kr/RXaWr8dA8MdGw )
: The feeling of shooting! But when it fits in the hips, the waist is big. The course pants 165 is a beautiful length to wear, but this is It was just good for me who came out a little longer 135. The fabric is good, and there are both formal and casual feelings, so I want to recommend it as it is a good style to wear over and over. Just look It feels like that Please try it!

19. Urban Deon Mid-Blue New Wide Denim L (35,000won)
( http://asq.kr/Gu3NWoAW9ifh4V )
: It’s too bad because it’s out of stock. 28 For those who wear buttocks, try the Deon L size! I’ll show you my new Deon pants next time. Recently I bought an L size and found Gwangmyeong.

20.VLDA CH0269N05 (109,000won)
( http://asq.kr/aIWNfVoVtxQiQf )
21.VLDA LV0048N 02 (90,000won)
(http://asq.kr/dS2Ocr6CrIiSAO )
: Rather than recommending this site, I bought it here, and there are so many places that make necklaces, bracelets and rings using vintage luxury buttons. I would recommend it! I often bought luxury fashion jewelry, but those products were also fake in the end, so after two years there was a change in color. (I didn’t know, but it was a little different from the new necklace.) Thinking about that, I thought it would be okay to buy a necklace like this that simply plays the logo! 10 If it’s only inside the circle, the price is not bad, and it’s like a fun advantage that not all designs overlap because it’s vintage. I would like to recommend it to those who have a lot of interest in jewelry!

Thank you❤️
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Author: Bentley ko