KTX Eum connects Korea!

KTX Eum connects Korea!

Is this a train? Is it an airplane?
Let's take a look at the
features of the amazing new train that goes beyond KTX.

1. Stylish exterior

-Luxurious serenity blue and
champagne gold color Applied design,
increased chair and knee space
, ergonomic and comfortable design
(Special rooms are aircraft Type)

2. Smarter train than KTX

-1 row 1 window (all rooms)
-USB port (all seats)
-Power outlet (all seats)
-Smartphone wireless charger (all seats)
-VOD monitor (rights room)

3. Eco-friendly trains with low CO2 emissions

[CO2 배출량]

-Compared to passenger cars: 15%
-Compared to diesel locomotives: 70%

4. The world's only Korean train system

Introduced the world's first LTE-R technology

*LTE-R technology
-4th generation wireless communication technology
Domestic system optimized for railroad environment

1st generation VHF voice call only
2nd generation TRS voice/low capacity DATA
( Used in major countries such as Europe)

The name of this amazing new train
is KTX-Ieum!

It is said that it will be operated from January 5, 2021
We ask for your interest

00: 00 The reason why the KTX-Yeum train is amazing
00: 04 Stylish exterior
00: 15 Smart facility
00: 26 Eco-friendly train
00: 35 The only Korea in the world Train system

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Author: Bentley ko