January delivery | Only Nike Daybreak is the tenth

January delivery |  Only Nike Daybreak is the tenth

Hello:) This is LoveSol!ㅎㅎ
It's already the last week of January. Are you doing what you planned for the new year?😋
This video is a monthly delivery service for January that collected and collected hot items😆
2021Please enjoy watching what you collected and purchased in the first month of the year😌

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00: 00 Intro and greetings
00: 41 Adidas Ozwego
01: 41 Nike Daybreak Football Gray White & Bright Mango
03: 08 Nike Dunk Killer Whale
04: 21 Lemer Croissant Bumbaek ALEZAN
06: 45 Patagonia Maple jacket
08: 28 North Face Nupsi 1996 Echo
10: 08 Polo Knit Vest
11: 19 Essential Hood Cream Color
12: 57 Nike Corduroy Hat
14: 00 finishing and greetings

Author: Bentley ko