Mango jeans 👖 8+ shoes matching~🥰More than expected🎈

Mango jeans 👖 8+ shoes matching~🥰More than expected🎈

Nice to meet you everyone~
Today is the mango jeans unboxing video
online I've bought mango for the first time, but there are so many pretty things…!
I'll have to use it often in the future~
I hope you guys will also benefit from it
) Then, have fun with the video

-Background music-
no-lie—instrumental-version by niahn-ft-grp Artlist
love-can-hurt-you by kicktracks Artlist
if-you by kicktracks Artlist
rewind—no-lead-vocals by aves Artlist
fast-lane by 4oresight Artlist
oceanside by kicktracks Artlist
rise-and-shine by rex-banner Artlist
speed-bumps by aves Artlist
i-like-it by katrina-stone Artlist
By The Pool
sign by 39strife Artlist
itll-be-alright by ottom Artlist
ending_Minor Changes by Maya Isac (All of the Miles) Artlist

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Wow~ Hello everyone, this is Bora Claire.
Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle
I'll make a lot of fun videos with information
from the experience of a fashion designer
Then see you again ~ Beep!

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