In Dongdaemun, a lot of flower dresses were in stock for spring!_ Ep.48

In Dongdaemun, a lot of flower dresses were in stock for spring!_ Ep.48

#One piece #floral #jeans #wholesale

Women's jogger pants, suspenders
SF140 (Denim Jogger Pants / New 1)
Cheers Relief Hoodie (New 2)
SF 139 (Denim cargo pants)
Biscuit jogger pants (cotton jogger pants)
Midnight Man to Man (Year Head Man to Man / New 3)
New York Sleeve Split Man to Man (New 4)
The Hood (Pink Hood)
Check sleeve color dress
color hood dress
Sketch man-to-man
brushed Round One Piece
SF 353 (NO Denim Long Shirt / Lari Wear)
SF314 (Style Denim Long Shirt / Lari Wear)
FL121 (Long Shirt Dress)
GL106 (Trench coat in the early season)
FL126 ( Round Puff Sleeve One Piece)
Churi Hood Jogger Set (Training Set / New 5)
FH785 (Poggly Long Hooded / Wearing Hyogyu, Lari)
-Kakao Story: bygo63664522

#B1 floor 212 may lily (Mary Lily)
Women's One Piece
V lace print dress (black flower)
Flower diagonal One piece (pink flower)
Smoke belt set one piece (beige flower)
Paisle diagonal one piece (wearing container)
Flower Frill Ribbon One Piece (Wrap / Wear Container)

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