H&M Shin Sang Howl | Zara next door, mouth-watering ham h&m Kuankuruk restaurant (blouse, knitwear, skirt)

H&M Shin Sang Howl |  Zara next door, mouth-watering ham h&m Kuankuruk restaurant (blouse, knitwear, skirt)

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Bye🙋🏻 ‍♀️ Are you doing well this week?
We meet every Tuesday evening, and we meet on Sunday night like these days, so this is a lot new and fun, and it's stupid? Isn't that right? Today
I brought ZARA friend H&M following last week's ZARA Shin Sang-howl!
Among the things I bought this time, are you hot new? They haven't been purchased for less than a week, so they will definitely remain on the website! (Don't you know that you only have to shop online, except for commuting these days? )
Whale Seo! I've come to the link from the detail page right away to browse the stuff!

Now! Then, let’s start with the More section, which is plumply!

✔ 01 Cotton Poplin Blouse (Mint Green / M )
https://www2.hm.com/en_kr/productpage. 0932768004.html
While waiting for the spring, we finished the knit shopping and the blouse These days I started buying! These small wrinkles (smoking wrinkles) Feel the mood and tension of this outfit
uplifted?👀 So it would be nice if spring came
It's a feeling, but the waist has a line, so mercilessly, it doesn't look so pretty?
The bottoms have a dumb finish! Actually, it would be pretty even if you put on skinny jeans and flat shoes, but
(TMI: These days I am crazy because I can't be addicted to wide pants❤)

✔ 02 Drape Top (Pink Floral / M )
Blouse second ❤ By the way, 🤔? H&M stores don't even have a size~ Can't you see pretty things? I thought it was very difficult to get a good deal, but
Why are you so cute and pretty because you shop at a gong home? There are so many things 😱 So Delkoon feels like spring!
This is I have to wear boots perfectly! What I liked was the flower pattern, the shoulder pads that weren't playful, and the ruffled sleeves! Since you are so lovely, you have to finish the bottoms and shoes in a crude way! Then, it's my favorite lovely hip ❣ It's the standard of Rahip❤ Right?

✔ 03 Wool Off Shoulder Sweater (Cream / M)
https://www2. hm.com/en_kr/productpage.0941733005.html
Now winter is over You should wear something like this? Even I, who is a rich man with a trapezius, makes a good fit.. Very, very gyagood❤
It is okay to show both shoulders, and if you wear it slanted to one side (She who beats the heart of the same age group once) Han Yuju is not 😏

✔ 04 Wrap style Sweater (Light Gray Melange / M )
ㅎr,, appeared ㄷr,, it is the best item in this HowLook Book,, Actually, it's just plain, just a wrap-style knitwear? Is this your first time like this? 🤨
The point is that you need to wear a halter neckline on this sweater, right? Goron Stahl
Kitsch, Rush. It feels like you've been hitting everything, and you just sprinkled my heart

✔ 05 Broadly Angleds Blouse (White / M)
https://www2.hm.com/en_kr/productpage .0875040001.html
Did you go to spring too? But just my stale indie shit, time is passing? Spring will come soon! Isn't it cute even if you wear it in a barbary like in the video?
This is pretty even if you wear it in wide light blue jeans. Ah~ So I hope spring🌸 comes soon🥰

✔ 06 Denim Jacket (Black Washed / L )
https://www2.hm.com/en_kr/productpage .0905132001.html
Today is my waiting for the real spring I put my heart without filtration, right? Isn't Ganjicheong in the audience black?
The bottoms are dressed in black-blue denim with a lighter tone for a strange, different feeling! I like this one too
It's hard to wear it to the company, but ^.^ Well, on the weekend.. ✔ 07 Imitation leather skirt
It is an appearance that is missing these days. Leather❣ Is it going to fall into the feeling of this kind of vinyl leather? 🤔
I liked the line from the waist to the thigh because it's a pencil skirt! But if this fits the waist, the thighs and hips are small?
If the thighs fit, the waist is big? There's a lot of wonder 😱 So this is a must go to the store! exactly! I think I should try on 😱

Yorokorom! Today's mouth-watering ham h&m Let's see howl! ⭐️
Thank you so much for finishing today's day together!
Going on a Monday yacht tomorrow~ My precious Sunday mates! Eat well and sleep well! Have a happy week
Let's meet next Sunday at a knit restaurant Mango Shin Sang-how ❣️
Thank you so much for today❣️

Author: Bentley ko