2020FW👗 New Dress Review & Howl HAUL Julie & Color / Floum

2020FW👗 New Dress Review & Howl HAUL Julie & Color / Floum

I didn't have to go out, so I took a break from shopping, so I wished for a little get-it-boost 😩
I want to get better…So now I feel like I can go out a bit even if I wear a mask!! Besides, there was a bluff a while ago. Is the year-end sale awaiting now?~!!!
It's been a long time, so we've been looking into the many things we wanted to buy.
#Juliy & Calla's CALLA23 twinkle OPS Tweed
#Floum FLOWOOM's Nostalgia Dress Mini (black)

But my nose is getting serious again. I hate it. Give me back to my daily life!!!🤬
Wearing pretty clothes and going out are now farther away;;;
😡If there is a shape in the corona, I feel like I want to catch even flesh…
But the clothes I ordered I arrived..ㅋㅋㅋ
Um…but I bought something that I liked so much in my eyes
Ah… sad~

Anyway, let's open it and try it on~ Comong~~!!!

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Author: Bentley ko